Family Vacation: Clam Lake, WI

Helllooooo Friends!!  Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! It is crazy to think that it’s all ending very soon….In fact, I saw that UK started classes yesterday and I internally cried a little (lol) I wont lie, I definitely miss the hell out of college sometimes. Not so much all the work, but just having all my friends with me and I guess my classes were alright too. Along with summer ending, I have a whole bunch of extra things going on in my life too. My lease here in Lex is up in October and I have absolutely no idea where I will be going (well I have some ideas but nothing is set in stone yet), which is scary but at the same time super exciting! As much as I love Lex, it is definitely time to leave and try out somewhere new! With all this craziness going on around me, It was SUPER nice to take a breather and head up north with the fam. We rented a lake house in the middle of nowhere Clam Lake, Wisconsin–which I’m sure none of you have heard of before. Honestly, I think the remoteness of it was the best part! It was one of those trips where we just relaxed and did a whole lot of nothing (BUT of course we made delicious meals ;) cuz it wouldn’t be our family if we didn’t! We also went out in the lake one day and took out the paddle boat, which was pretty fun. I even got my mom to watch the bachelorette finale with me hehe  But anyway, I thought I’d highlight some fun stuff we did and of course some yummmmmy meals too!!


Clam Lake, WI


(Here’s the cabin we stayed at: looks much smaller than it actually was!!)

The town legit consisted of this gas station/motel/grocery store combo and a tiny bar/restaurant thing that was only open a few times a week due to lack of staff (lol) Just to give you an idea of how “in the middle of nowhere” it really was. However, one day we did drive out to a “nearby” town aka 1.5 hours away but it was right on Lake Superior and prettyyyy dang cute!

Bayfield, WI



~VIEWS! Am I right?! We also found this cute lil coffee shop Kickapoo Coffee where I was able to try oat milk for the first time and yes, it is YUMMMM!~

Copper Falls State Park


~Not much of a hike, but it was definitely beautiful! 10/10 recommend!~


#LaKe LiFe



~IT IS CASUAL—- but this was legit the view from our backyard on a basically private lake. NBD. If I don’t end up in a big city, you can certainly find me here!!~


But honestly the best part was…














Until next time,







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