Travel Eats: Boulder, Colorado

Hey friends! Last month, I took an awesome trip out to Colorado! It’s definitely a place I’ve been wanting to visit for a while now…and it just so happens, my best friend lives there! I can’t say it was really a planned trip… as I just woke up one morning and saw flights were cheap and I booked it on the spot! (In hindsight, probably should have checked with work first to see if I could get the time off…ooopsie!) but hey, thankfully it all worked out!

This was definitely a very necessary trip for me. To be honest, I’ve been having a tough couple of months dealing with the unknown aka my life and trying to figure out the next step has not been an easy process. So lately, I’ve realized my anxiety has been through the roof and honestly I really just needed to get away and spend some quality time with my best friend, who I literally haven’t seen since last October! I’m often super nostalgic over the college days, living together, routine schedules, and just having your close friends always near by to do whatever we feel like doing! I even find myself missing homework or cramming at the library for hours (send help lol) But what I have realized is this: you will meet all different kinds of people in your life. Some of them may be temporary, only in your life for a particular time period (high school, college, adolescence) and some friendships are meant to last for the long haul, stand the test of time. I definitely have/had both kinds of friends in my life.  I used to think drifting apart in friendships was the worst thing ever, like I was doing something wrong. But sometimes they just aren’t meant to continue. People change and that’s okay. And as I get older, I’ve realized that the people who want to be in your life will make the effort. With that being said, even though I am quite honestly terrified of flying, I got on that three hour flight because my best friend is worth it! Now enough of me getting carried away and on to the good stuff…..the food, duh! And seriously guys, If you’ve never been to Colorado or are thinking of going…DO IT! It’s so beautiful, the food is amazing (and allergy friendly), and the people are one of a kind.


(Sarah and I with the Buff, CU Boulder’s mascot)


Rush Bowls: Boulder, CO

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin with Rush Bowls…literally SO SO good. SO good that we definitely went multiple times while I was there! I’ve had many acai bowls in my day but these take the cake! Something overwhelmingly fresh about these bowls that make them better than the rest…and you can’t forget the granola and drizzled honey on top!! 12/10 need Rush Bowls to come to lex…or wherever I end up!



The Sink: Boulder, CO

Soooo this place is definitely a Boulder icon. It’s like famous there and I can’t remember why…something about it being like 100 years old or something! But anyway, the burger was VERY good. I know this isn’t the most pleasing photo, but ya can’t always create good lighting people!! Definitely a place you should visit when in Boulder not only for the food, but the longstanding history and the unique decor!


Celestial Seasonings: Boulder, CO 

Who knew that one of the most well known tea companies headquarters is here in Boulder?! AND they offer free tours! How cool is that?? The tour is very short and sweet but you learn a lot and get to try a bunch of different teas and even see the famous “peppermint room” which holds all their minty flavored teas! Just a warning, it is quite pungent so if peppermint isn’t your cup of tea (see what I did there ;) then I’d probably opt out of that part! Definitely a 10/10 experience and would recommend if you visit!


The Buff: Boulder, CO

You guys! I swear, breakfast is the best meal of the day. Don’t even try me on this one! It’s even a million times better when you have all the menu options available for you! This place knows how to do a killer breakfast and fulfill your allergy requests all at the same time. PLUS they use canyon bakehouse bread—which is the best in the gluten free game (in my opinion) It really doesn’t get better than that! I had some delicious pancakes and a skillet and they were both a solid 10/10!



Kung Fu Tea: Boulder, CO

So I finally tried bubble tea, for the first time ever and I honestly enjoyed it. I was a little scared of the little bubbles, tbh. BUT they actually had a nice taste that I really wasn’t expecting! This place is for sure a “chain” but if ya need a nice pick me up in the middle of the afternoon, I would highly recommend! They have a billion different options so you are guaranteed to find something you want! I went with the iced honey green tea and I was really into it. Would order/visit again!


Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar: Boulder, CO

Y’all, this is the most “Colorado thing” I have ever seen! This place is literally completely 100% gluten free AND they even have paleo options, which I have never seen on a menu in my life! Additionally, their menu consists of “potions” which have different health purposes and even have the option of adding liquor to them too! I ordered one called “owl eyes” and this was legit the description on the menu:

Flavor Profile: Mate Ginger
Function: Energy & Focus

An eye-widening mixture of Love, Apple Juice*, Lemon Juice, Honey, Ginger Root*, Yerba Mate*, Nettle Leaf*, Eleuthero Root*, Astragalus*, Cinnamon*, Maca, Nutmeg*, Vanilla Bean Extract*, Liquid Chlorophyll

Flower Essence: Aloe Vera
Sound Frequencies: Owl Hoots, Waterfall
Gemstone Essence: Rose Quartz

Health Benefits: Increases the body’s natural energy in a balanced and focused way using adaptogenic herbs. High in minerals, deeply nourishing and oxygenating on a cellular level, can enhance the mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

***Nuff said! ;)


Honestly, Colorado was the best time. I got to see my best friend while experiencing some amazing eats and even better scenery :) Would come back in a heartbeat!

Hope you all enjoyed and visit soon!!




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