Whole Foods Guide (Fave Brands & Products)

If you keep up with me even the slightest bit on any of my social media, you’d know I’m a Whole Foods obsessed freak (but a healthy obsession, right ;) ) Actually, to be honest, I am just grocery store obsessed in general. However, over this past year, I have seamlessly added Whole Foods into my routine…which you all should know by now a successful Whole Foods trip is ALWAYS  followed by Cyclebar! I can honestly say if I were to shop at one place for the rest of my life– it would hands down be Whole Foods! You can find anything and everything there and they have all my favorite brands plus there’s always something new to try!! With that being said, I think we are all aware that it is not the most budget friendly option, I definitely have to practice self control when I go in there and only buy the products I swear by! Thankfully, there are places like Kroger and Trader Joe’s that are MUCH nicer to my wallet ;) *PS. I definitely just said “Whole Foods” four times in that paragraph…

Anyway, last week I did a poll on whether or not you’d want me to write about all my favorite Whole Foods finds and I got a unanimous response, YES (and the most engagement I’ve ever gotten on a poll too) Sooooo here we are! I hope you all like my list and DEFINITELY try out these products…. because they are approved by the Whole Foods queen herself ;)

Disclaimer: these are all GLUTEN FREE products and I’m not 100% that Whole Foods is the only retailer for these products–but that is where I buy them :)

Let’s get on with it!

Simple Mills


When I say this brand can do no wrong, I sincerely mean it! Literally all of their products are straight FIRE! They have a giant array of different products ranging from coconut oil frosting to these almond flour cheddar crackers…AND y’all I swear they are laced with crack, they are TOO good to be true! I could 100% live off these and be a happy camper. I love this brand because they use clean, “real food” ingredients and the taste is ON POINT!



I started buying Applegate at Trader Joe’s, but have recently found out that Whole Foods has a WAY better selection! Including bacon and turkey bacon!! I love this company because they really produce a high quality product that is free of nitrates and nitrites, which is VERY difficult to find in packaged meat! Plus, their stuff is just so freaking tasty! I especially love their herb roasted turkey breast for sandwiches :)

Tres Latin Foods




Honestly, it is super difficult finding good quality and nutritious freezer items that aren’t filled with crap! I first stumbled upon these at my local Kroger but have since seen that Whole Foods sells them too! I can 100% stand by this brand and say they have developed such a delicious product without compromising health! Very simple ingredients and lots of tasty flavors to choose from! I especially love the chicken and cheese +black bean and corn for a convenient meal when ya just don’t feel like cooking! :)

Perfect Bar


Oh perfect bar, how I love you so much!! My mother literally has to tell me to stop buying these…because I’m OBSESSED! I’ve never found a protein bar that satiates me quite like these bars! Annnnnd they are so so yummy, legit they taste like cookie dough and filled with an incredible amount of nutrients, protein, and superfoods! Definitely my go-to after an intense cyclebar workout ;) Definitely check out the dark chocolate peanut butter with sea salt—and thank me later!! TIP: they are almost always on sale 2/$4!!

Kite Hill


All my life i’ve hated yogurt! The consistency and taste freaked me out and as much as I wanted to like it, I couldn’t get myself to eat it…. Introducing Kite Hill almond milk yogurt, my saving grace! I absolutely love this brand and this yogurt. Something about the almond milk–creates such a great texture and has completely transformed me into a yogurt lover!! I especially love the strawberry, vanilla, and key lime flavors :) ALSO–they have super flavorful cream cheese made from almonds which is definitely worth trying out!



Again, adding on to my “hard to find good quality freezer items speech” these falafel poppers make the cut! I’m a huge fan of falafel ( and just made it from scratch in class yesterday ;) ) but what makes these EXTRA tasty is that they are filled with different flavors of hummus! So delicious, good ingredients, and GLUTEN FREE, of course :) These are super tasty added on top of a salad or added to an egg scramble in the morning!



When it comes to tortillas—this brand cannot be beat!! You’d never know it–but these chips are grain free and dairy free! Just a fair warning, they are scary addicting and one second you’ll be eating a few chips and the next second the bag will be gone (personal experience) my personal favorite flavor is the nacho because it is insanely flavorful without adding any dairy or gluten!! They also have a lime and sea salt flavor which are equally BOMB! Oh, and you gotta try their almond flour tortillas (freezer section) you will be amazed! Great company with only the best wholesome ingredients :)

Whole Foods


Y’all, you can basically buy ANY vegetable you possibly want spiralized into noodles at Whole Foods! At my location in Lexington, I’ve seen turnip, beets, parsnips, zucchini, carrot, squash….etc etc IT IS INSANE! These conveniently packaged goods make the BEST dinner or an addition to any meal! While I do own a spiralizer, sometimes it is just WAY more convenient to buy them already done for you and ready to be cooked and added to healthy meal :) TIP: I really enjoy my veggies noodles sautéed with homemade pesto OR a peanut sauce :)



Oh Banza, another product I 100% swear by! The cool thing about their products are that their pastas are made with chickpeas which means increased protein and less carb-y than your traditional pasta, OH and gluten free, which is essential for me :) Much like the veggie noodles, these noodles can also be used as a blank canvas for whatever flavor you wanna add to them! You’d never know that it isn’t “real” pasta because the mouthfeel is perfection! Plus SO many added nutrients that you’d never get from traditional pasta ;)

Better Bean 


Better Bean: One word…DELICIOUS! I love this product because their beans are already fully cooked and ready to go and can be added to literally anything you want! I’ve tried all the different flavors and I always always always reach for the cuban black beans. I love to add them as a side to rice, nachos, quesadillas and some extra flavor for breakfast:)

Canyon Bakehouse


There really aren’t any words to describe my love for Canyon Bakehouse! After learning I could no longer eat gluten, I was legit bummed and SUPER discouraged that I would never be able to eat “normal” bread ever again…because let’s be honest, majority of gluten free bread is TERRIBLE—crumbly, flavorless, and cardboard texture! Until I discovered Canyon Bakehouse– and I’ve never looked back! This bread is a celiac’s dream come true! I love all of their products from their focaccia, cinnamon raisin bread, and new bagels–It is all 100% perfection! I honestly don’t know how they do it, but I’ve never missed “normal” bread since! :)

Califia Farms


I’m normally a black coffee drinker…BUT this stuff is just too good not to buy!! I first discovered this brand when I became an almond milk obsessed freak and now I can’t live without it! They have so many different kinds/flavors that it is hard to choose just one…but if I had to go for a favorite, I would go for the mocha cold brew made with almond milk…it is great late at night when I’m craving sweets or just straight in the morning if I want some chocolate with my coffee…which is almost always a yes! TIP: You can use this stuff baking too! I use their almond milk to make my dark chocolate raspberry tarts :)

Annnnd there you go :) Now, there are MILLION other products I love and buy at Whole Foods but that list would be pages and pages long and would take weeks to write! Your best bet is hitting me up on instagram with questions and maybe we can even hit up Whole Foods together :) The key to grocery shopping is sticking to your basic essentials (fruits, veggies, protein) and keeping your processed treats very minimal on ingredients!!

***This post is not sponsored, I simply just love health, food, and everything Whole Foods!

Hope you enjoy and that this motivates you to hit up the grocery store!!







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