French Macarons 101 (Recipe + Tips)

I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to cookies–the macaron is right at the top of my list! With the slight crunch of the cookie and the creamy filling on the inside, it is the best of both worlds! Plus, can we just talk about how gorgeous and absolutely photogenic they are?! Just to be clear: macaroons and macarons are two different things! All my life, I thought they were pronounced macaroons but I soon realized there is a big difference between the two! I think the french are probably fed up with us Americans butchering their dessert (lol) with that being said, this is the difference…

chocolate-dipped-coconut-macaroons.jpg     IMG_0162.jpg

               MACAROONS (LEFT)                          FRENCH MACARONS (RIGHT)


There ya go! Back in the summer, I attempted to make french macarons for the fourth of july and it went something like this…

IMG_8004.jpg      IMG_8005.jpg

 EXPECTATION  (LEFT)            VS             REALITY (RIGHT)

I’m almost embarrassed to show this picture, but this is real life peeps! I always say I am a cook, NOT a baker. Baking is it’s own very different animal that I really have never had a natural talent for (exhibit A ^^ LOL) I quickly figured out I wasn’t going to be able to master the macaron on my own… It really is a tricky cookie to make guys, not even kidding!! Since mom and I both LOVE macarons and had no idea how to make them—-we called on a professional pastry chef to help us out!




*** Recipe provided by Betsy Sanchez, Pastry Chef  ***

Betsy showed us step-by-step how to make the perfect macaron and let me tell you…they turned out AMAZING! The recipe above is what she followed as we went through the process and hopefully it is helpful to you all, whenever you decide to take on the macaron!

Here are some tips we learned along the way…

  • Macarons are very sensitive to weather/temperature– choose a day that is very low humidity
  • Aging the egg whites (24 hour minimum) gives them strength and makes for a better consistency
  • Even the tiniest bit of fat (yolk) will break the mixture. Make sure all beaters and bowls are clean!
  • After they are piped, be sure to slam the pan down a couple of times to “set” the macaron shells THEN wait at least 20 minutes for them to dry before baking. They should develop a “skin” on the top of them after the time has elapsed!
  • This goes without saying–BUT always, always, always measure everything as exact as possible!
  • Once they come out of the oven, let them rest until they are cool and then place them in the refrigerator AT LEAST overnight before consuming (this is the toughest part, self control people!!) the end result will be worth it!!

Annnnnnd then, they should HOPEFULLY look a little something like this ;)


Remember to always be patient when making the french macaron, follow the recipe exactly, and you too will have instagram worthy cookies ;)






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