FNCE 2017!

IMG_6714.jpgFood & Nutrition Conference & Expo 2017 Chicago, IL

Have you all ever been somewhere where you felt like you were exactly where you were meant to be?! Like I’m talking 100% in your element! If you’ve never heard of it before, it is the biggest annual nutrition conference in the world..FILLED with thousands of dietitians, as a future RD like myself, it is a pretty freakin cool place to be! I went to FNCE 2015 in Nashville and I was so insanely blown away by the whole thing that I told myself I was definitely coming back! Here we are, two years later, in Chicago (of all places) for the 100th anniversary of FNCE!! It was the absolute perfect time to go…AND I got to spend it with my mom and one of my good friends AND visit home all in one weekend!

While we were there, we attended plenty of educational sessions and actually learned some pretty neat (and sometimes strange) information such as…..

  • It only takes one week (bedrest) to lose 1 kilogram of muscle mass and 6 MONTHS to gain it back (stay active y’all)
  • Most insects (see below) contain more protein than beef, eggs, and milk (time to grocery shop at the pet store lolz)


  • We (as a country) do NOT get nearly enough sleep.. Hawaii is the state with the least amount of people getting greater than 7 hours of sleep and South Dakota is the state with the highest percent of people getting more than 7 hours of sleep! (I’d probably sleep a lot too if I lived in South Dakota)
  • Depression and weight gain (obesity) are directly correlated to sleep quality–being two main causes of daytime sleepiness! (mental health is HUGELY important)


ANND then there is the EXPO…If you think you’ve already been to a foodie paradise, THINK AGAIN! This place will absolutely blow your mind! So many amazing companies, FREE samples, and merchandise…Did I mention, FREE SAMPLES!? SO many free samples that I ended up bringing home two huge tote bags filled with stuff! (talk about snacks for DAYS)

Below are just a FEW of my favorite booths…





{KIND, Glutino, Kodiak Cakes, Califia Farms, La Croix, La Colombe, Go Macro, Banza}



***FNCE 2018 DC, I’m coming for ya!!! :)


Until next time,






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