3 Ways To Style Your Cauliflower Pizza


Good morning y’all ( or whenever you’re reading this ) it is labor day weekend and I had a great time spending it with my family! On Saturday, I had my garde manger 7 course meal final, which officially means I am done with that and moving on to international cooking (which I am pumped about) !! In other news, my final semester at UK is in full swing and it is hitting me hard that it is my final few months of college! I have loved loved loved my time at UK and wouldn’t change a thing–As I’ve said a million times, I am so thankful that my rocky road led me to this place! However, I am SO ready to be done and on to the next big thing!

Anyways, I don’t know if you all have noticed but cauliflower is all the rage these days! It’s like people just now discovered how versatile it is and started cooking with it all at once! For me, I have been a cauliflower fan for a hot minute now just because it is often an awesome substitution for gluten free people (like myself)

Introducing: the famous Trader Joes Cauliflower Crust— I am sure most of you have tried it or at least have heard of it! However, it is one thing to buy it, but a whole other animal to actually know how to style it and what toppings to add! It can be rather bland unless you create really tasty and creative toppings! Annnnnnd I am here to help you with just that :) I’ve got three (tested and approved) ways to make your best cauliflower pizza!


1. Pesto/Mushroom/Goat Cheese/Balsamic Glaze

Out of the three I made, this one definitely takes the cake as my favorite! Probably because I am such a pesto fanatic. The combo of pesto, mushrooms, and goat cheese really cannot be beat—and adding a little balsamic glaze? Perfection! This one is also super simple. First, start off by making your pesto (basil, nut of your choice, garlic, olive oil, parmesan, salt and pepper) add on your sautéed mushrooms and goat cheese and you’re ready to go!

2. Black Bean/Bell Peppers/Mexican 4 Cheese/Avocado

Oh, how I love mexican food! This one turned out so so tasty. If y’all haven’t heard of better bean company– you should definitely get acquainted! They sell awesome varieties of pre cooked beans that you can add to literally anything for some extra flavor! The ones I used for this crust are the Cuban Black Beans, topped with the sautéed peppers, mexican cheese, and fresh avocado slices! So much flavor!

3. Marinara/Parmesan/Chicken Sausage/Arugula 

I love this one a lot because it tastes the most like a traditional pizza– with the marinara, cheese, and meat, you won’t even realize it is on top of a cauliflower crust! Chicken sausage is my go to protein because not only is it freakin delicious, it is also low in fat, lower in cals, and high in protein compared to your traditional pork sausage! Adding the arugula on top gives this “pizza” the best little colorful touch and flavor to tie it all together!


If you haven’t yet tried a cauliflower pizza–I would TOTALLY recommend! And if you aren’t feeling like buying one, they are so so simple to make! HINT HINT–> there’s like a million trillion recipes online ;)

Hope this helps add some creativity to your life and gives you ideas for your next cauliflower pizza!








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