Travel Eats: Columbia, MO

About a month ago, I went to visit my sister in Columbia! Let’s keep it real here, you’ve probably never heard of this town unless you’ve been to Mizzou or know someone who goes there ;) It’s not really a sought after destination… about 80% of the town is the actual university and then some corn fields (lol) but hey, we had fun and there are definitely some places that I would highly recommend :) With that being said, let’s get on with it…

Geisha Sushi Bar (804 E Broadway) 


We came here our first night and it was definitely a hit! Although, I was kinda amazed that my (asian) sister had never had edamame before–so naturally we had to order it! (YUM) We both had miso soup and a roll ( I think mine was the crazy roll, but not completely sure. It was 10/10 good though! ) Definitely a casual laid back atmosphere with quality sushi (which is super important)

Andy’s Frozen Custard (610 Cooper Dr N) 


Y’all seriously have to come here, OMG! I’m not even huge on custard but man, this place sold me! Such a cute late night summer spot for a sweet tooth craving ;) SO GOOD, I demanded we go twice! Both times, I got a chocolate concrete with peanut butter cups!

Nourish Cafe & Market (1201 E Broadway)


Cannot say enough good things about this place! First came here with the family when we went to a Mizzou Kentucky football game (GO CATS) and I had a goat cheese frittata that rocked my world. Obviously, we had to come back and I had a grilled veggie wrap with pesto and a coconut matcha smoothie! Definitely the best part about this place is not having to worry about any allergy concerns because the whole menu is GF!! (This never happens so naturally, I was PUMPED) Real & delicious food that you can feel good about eating! Side note: they have desserts too that are out of this world. I ended up picking up some cinnamon rolls that had cashew cream frosting, like WOAH! 12/10!

The Roof (1111 E Broadway)


Welllllllll, I’d for sure come here for the view, drinks, and just a fun night out. This place is a nice bar/restaurant on top of a hotel with crazy cool views of the downtown and comfy seating. The food and service left a lot to be desired, but we still had a good time! However, we did have pretty good brussels sprouts and pork lettuce wrap things that were pretty decent!

Lakota Coffee (24 S 9th Street) 


I don’t think I could write a travel eats without including a coffee shop, because let’s be real, I am an addict. I really like this place because it has a very extensive menu with unique options, like a coffee shake, which I’m kinda kicking myself that I didn’t get because it looked amazing. I guess you could say I am a creature of habit and stick with my black coffee and a splash of almond milk ;) Definitely a chill vibe, somewhere you could sit for a while and get stuff done. Love, love, love, local coffee shops!


Hy-Vee (3100 W Broadway)

—–> LAST, but certainly not least, I have to give a huge shout-out to the local Hy-Vee for quite the impressive “healthy section” where I found the NEW Skinny Pop flavors that I SO highly recommend :) I’m probably the only person that would get pumped to go to a new grocery store and find new products, but hey, it is what it is! #sorrynotsorry You should ask my sis though, I was completely geekin out over this popcorn y’all (lol)


Annnnnd that’s a wrap :) If ya ever head to Columbia (for whatever strange reason) — I hope you’ll check these places out!

Until next time,








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