Snack Attack: Element Rice Cakes

Long time no chat, blog!! Super excited to be back at it with a really exciting post. Recently, I was contacted by @elementsnacks to do a little promo about their products! Since I have already been a fan for quite some time now, I was like uhhh yes duh, send me all the rice cakes! (lol, but seriously though) As we may have gathered already from my posts, I am not one for “basic” or “bland” foods, which kinda gets me in trouble but also makes life much more exciting. I tend to lean towards rich complex flavors, which is quite alright with me ;)

I first discovered these rice/corn cakes when browsing a whole foods (classic me) I was actually on the hunt for a snack I could eat with my coffee, because like as much as I love coffee, I need something to eat while I drink it! I came across the dark chocolate covered rice cakes and was sold! I definitely tend to lean towards the salty/sweet combination.

Since then, Ive learned that they have several other amazing flavors! Such as: milk chocolate, strawberries and cream, vanilla orange, sweet mint, and of course dark chocolate ;) AND they also offer the dark chocolate and mint in corn cakes! Not to mention, they are certified gluten free, Non GMO, only 80 calories each, and all that good stuff haha




Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes: 10/10 would recommend, I am 100% a dark chocolate girl…pair these with a cup of coffee or an after dinner snack and you are good to go!


Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes: 9.5/10 would recommend, these are almost as good as the dark chocolate ones just a touch too sweet! These would definitely be best as a dessert or with some PB on top :)


Strawberries and Cream Rice Cakes: 8/10 would recommend, if you’ve ever had a strawberries and cream frappuccino, then you know exactly what these taste like! A little on the sweeter side, but definitely a change of pace if you aren’t feeling chocolate.


Vanilla Orange Rice Cakes: 8/10 would recommend, I was honestly a little apprehensive to try these due to me not really liking orange flavoring, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! These are rich but also refreshing!


Sweet Mint Corn Cakes: 7/10 would recommend, Although still good, I have to say these were the weakest link for me, just too sweet! But add a little chocolate with the mint and you are golden!



Go find them at Whole Foods, you won’t regret it!

Until next time,




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