Whole 30: Transformation Tuesday


Hey guys! Hope everyone is having an awesome day. I’ve been feeling really happy and inspired lately and I wanted to share some of my thoughts and tips with y’all. I’m now over halfway into this whole 30 thing—and I gotta say it is one of the best things I have done for my body. My body is thanking me, I’m sure of it! Not only do I feel physically lighter–I have all this newfound energy and happiness that I didn’t think I had in me…unless it’s like 10 o’clock then I’m out like a light, but by 7 am I’m ready to go! I have to attribute this to my clean eating for sure (nutrition is REAL folks)

I have been thinking a lot lately about how I got into this field (nutrition major) and how far I’ve come..and although, at times, I question if this is really the area I need to be in, most of the time I feel right at home. Lately, everything has been making sense. Nutrition is so exciting to me. I’m constantly amazed by how powerful it is. Fueling your body is so important and people often overlook how easy and FUN it is! Creating new menus for this whole 30 has been a blast..with the help of my sous chef Sarah ;) we have made some damn good meals. Are we depriving ourselves? hell no! Believe it or not, you can eat healthy without compromising taste…and I hope through my posts you all can see that! In fact, the nutritious meals we’ve made in this whole 30 have been tastier than any fattening burger or pizza I’d eat normally. (except for maybe a taco :)

I’ve noticed a lot of physical changes too… but I need to partially attribute that to my workout routine. All I can say is this: get yourself a workout buddy, someone who shares the same goal as you and is able to keep you accountable. Mallory and I have been KILLIN it at the gym lately, working around our schedules to make time for the gym, and even going super early (like this morning) at 6 am to start the day off right! I am by no means a  gym rat, never have been, but I have to say I’ve gotten to the point where I am pumped for the gym the next morning..and believe me, it makes it so much easier having a friend to go with and share your success with!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not trying to say I have everything together—because I definitely don’t. I have clothes all over my floor, I ran into the fence in my backyard yesterday (oops) and I locked my keys in my car last week (lol) Gotta celebrate the progress and laugh at the little things, am I right??

I guess my takeaway message from all this whole 30 jazz is— don’t give up, you’d be amazed by how quickly you can make a change in your life. your body is amazing and precious– treat it that way. When your mind says no, tell your body yes and just do it.  It doesn’t happen over night but I promise all the early mornings in the gym and conscious eating will catch up with you! :)




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