5 Ways To Master Portion Control (when you have a bottomless pit of a stomach)

So it’s day four on the whole 30 thing–and well, it is not so bad! Other than the cravings, I genuinely enjoy eating cleaner, cooking more, and the way i’ve been feeling. AND i’ve already noticed a weight difference (no scale allowed) but I think i’ll credit that to my new workout routine. ANYWAY– I don’t know about all of you, but being a “food blogger/instagramer” I see a lot of posts of food that looking freaking fantastic but I’m also thinking to myself, how do these people get full off of that?! I’m not sure if it’s a genetic thing or my mind playing tricks on me– but I’m one of those people that’s always hungry. And that is also what got me into a lot of trouble when I was eating poorly— thankfully, it’s not as big as a problem now that I am more food conscious –But it is still an ongoing issue that I am very close to mastering! Thanks to the Whole 30// I’ve been very self aware of my eating habits, for better or for worse…haha

Here’s what I’ve found that works for ME, regarding fighting cravings and portion control, not everything may work for you but at least you’ve got some ideas now! :)


DRINK WATER (and lots of it) 

I know, this is one of those things you’ve heard a million times…However, if you’re like me, I have basically just disregarded it until recently when I really needed to fight cravings. Drinking water gives your body the illusion that it is full and therefore can distract you from poking around in the pantry. PLUS: it never hurts to have too much water— well, actually, water intoxication is a thing, but i don’t think any of y’all will get near that point. For me, there’s something about getting a cute water bottle to motivate myself to drink water  ( I realize that sounds dumb but it really works!! ) Here’s my newest one:  S’ip by S’well water bottle: on sale @ target around $12-$13 –normally $25-30!! those are penguins btw :)



Now, this just might be a me thing–but i LOVE to write..when I’m sad, confused, mad, happy– I’ll write about it. And recently, since the whole 30 thing, I have been journaling everyday just to track what I eat in a day and what all we have planned for the weeks. It has really helped me stay focused and motivated to continue with my goals. That being said, I’ve taken to writing when I have a food craving, writing about how I feel and truly examining the reasons behind my hunger and sometimes finding out, most of the time, that I am not actually physically hungry.  Often times, It is just a different emotion I am experiencing that is causing my mind to tell my body to eat.



I’ve heard this before–but it is definitely not one that you would think of. It really is ok to snack, like really it is. And we shouldn’t deprive ourselves if we truly feel hungry or need a pick me up during the day. However, many studies have shown that eating out of a bowl can help with cravings! It improves portion control and gives the illusion that you are eating more than you think you are (unless it is an extremely large bowl, then you’ve got yourself a problem)–leaving your body satisfied and full! BUT be sure to be putting good stuff in your bowl so you aren’t just being counterproductive with your snacking!

** apples + almond butter **



Same thing with water, tea is a good distraction when you’ve got a craving! Somethin about it just makes you feel full! Plus, it is good for you, has numerous health benefits, a great variety, and tastes hella good! Personally, I like me some caffeine so I go for some green tea or black tea…but there are plenty of options, which makes it very versatile and fun! AND hey, it is winter so what better than a nice hot beverage to accompany a Netflix binge?! ;)

** Gunpowder Green Tea**



This has been something new I have been trying out and it really works! I’ve gotten into a really good gym routine, going in the morning with a friend ( which always helps, shout out to Mal ) :) With the whole 30, I have been eating much less than I would normally which obviously leads to unnecessary cravings–and what better way to counteract that than doing something physically beneficial that is long enough to distract yourself from mindless eating?? This truly works! Whether you are at the gym, walking outside, hiking, or even just running and errand and getting out of the house–it can really help you keep your mind off of eating and lead you to thinking about something else!


I truly hope these help y’all! I am not an expert by any means and am constantly learning new things about my body and eating habits every day! Hopefully, this is helpful to all of you people who enjoy eating just as much as i do :) Happy eating… within reason! :)



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