Travel Eats: Nashville

Once upon a time (back in August) me and my girl Tiff ventured to Nashville for the day/night. It kinda wen’t something like this…

Tiff: Wanna go to Nashville on your day off?

Me: Yup, lets go!

And just like that, a hotel was booked and we were on the road. When it comes to traveling/ road trips/ good food…I don’t need much convincing. I am almost always up for  an adventure. Although, I wish we could have spent more time there– it will have to suffice for now. Have no fear, I will definitely be back to add more food to the travel eats! So, I guess think of this as a “to be continued” list…



If you’ve ever been to Nashville, you’ve probably seen the white girls post by the “I believe in Nashville” sign// You can add us to the list. We also took our “basicness” one step further and found more pretty murals to use for our mini photoshoot. Clearly, no self esteem issues here.




After we decided we had sufficient Instagram material, we moved on to the best part ( dinner ) We decided on Urban Grub which is in quite possibly the trendiest area in all of Tennessee–with a price tag to match ($$$) I settled on the wood oven trout, which as you  can see, came with the head and tail (yikes) It was prepared with a wild rice + quinoa + sweet corn + sherry vinaigrette + arugula salad// We also split the half dozen raw oysters (louisiana style) which came with apple mignonette + citrus foam + cocktail sauce// pretty solid 10/10// ( shameless plug for my foodie instagram below–follow me @kabkitchen )




Unfortunately, we had to cut the trip short and head home due to my stupidly busy class schedule// BUT before we left, we had to get in one last meal. And what better place to stop than Bar Taco ?! This place was honestly so aesthetically pleasing, I thought I was in a magazine. For a chain restaurant, it is definitely a must go! Try not to judge me, but i definitely ate my body weight in tacos. Sorry, not sorry. I decided on the pork belly + portobello mushroom + falafel + chorizo tacos and I have no regrets// accompanied with a chipotle slaw + mexican corn// Oh! And don’t forget the guac!



Overall, it was a foodie success and I can’t wait to get back :)












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