Euphoria 2016

Hey y’all! Last weekend I was able to go to the most amazing foodie festival (thanks mom and dad) Euphoria is a food and wine festival that takes place in Greenville, South Carolina every fall! This year just happened to be its 10 year anniversary! (yay) However, this was only our first time so we weren’t sure what to expect. My words of wisdom are: do not go with an empty stomach–you will more than likely come out of each event full or pregnant with a six month old food baby. If you’re like me with very little self control when it comes to food—it will be the latter. ;)

Let me break it down for you. It starts thursday night and ends sunday night. You can buy a bundle pass or just purchase events individually (thats what we did)


This event featured tastings from different chefs across the country, live music, and unlimited food and drinks! Some of the highlights from this event were the bergamot watermelon with goats milk + basil + wine reduction// cheesy polenta + lamb ragu// guinea ham w/ beans + greens// and the trout featuring peach moonshine margaritas (10/10) //





Guys, I loooovvvveeee Food Trucks! Although, as we found out, it was much easier to eat from them when I didn’t have the gluten issue :/ This event was really fun and unique in that they set up about 10 different food trucks in the middle of the baseball field along with a live band and a big screen—where i watched the Cats beat South Carolina!! Some highlights were the corn on a stick// chips and black bean mango salsa // unlimited stella cider // and the chorizo w/ arugula salad//

unnamed-12.jpgunnamed-13.jpgunnamed-10 copy.jpgunnamed-14 copy.jpg


Today was by far the best event of the weekend// It was basically me in a nutshell (breakfast food + famous chefs + mimosas)// Definitely the highlight of the weekend, we all agreed it was the best event..(minus nearly melting under the blazing sun) Some highlights were the smoked chicken + church rice// banana mousse + whipped cream// potato + corn + brisket hash w/ arugula salad + over easy egg//

However, the best part was seeing three star Michelin Chef, Curtis Duffy cook with the kids to prepare healthy school lunches!


Definitely a foodie festival you will not want to miss!! Cant wait for next fall :)



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