Lunch Week: My Top Six Fave Lunches (Recently)

Sooooo, let me just say, I HAVE BEEN MOVING ALL FREAKING DAY! And wow, I am exhausted. Finally, after four stressful days of getting my stuff together, it is all moved out and the house has been scrubbed to oblivion! Sadly, due to all that has been going on, I haven’t cooked anything today….but i told you all I was going to keep up with my posts so I’ve got a little something for ya.

Through it all today, I have still managed to think about food/eating/cooking (shocker) so here are some awesome meals I have had recently ;)

  1. Eataly: Seafood Risotto–Risotto has always been a favorite meal of mine to cook but also eat and when you add four different kinds of seafood, it is even better!


2. Limestone Blue:Β The Josephine– just a simple yet awesome gluten free sandwich filled with bacon avocado cheddar turkey and tomato


3. Kruegers Tavern:Β Italian Sausage w/ polenta and braised fennel and olives–located in such a cool area in Cincinnati, this place is a not so hidden gem!


4. Jalapeno Grill: Chorizo and Chicken Tacos– this place is a definite must in my hometown, Saint Charles! Really tasty, authentic, and flavorful tacos



That’s all I’ve got for today!! Sorry for the short and boring post for today– I’ll make it up next week when my life decides to calm down ;)





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