I can’t start off this blog without giving my mother a giant shout-out for being the world’s greatest mom. She planned this awesome surprise trip for my sister and I and executed it perfectly! #blessed

It all started when I came home from KY to visit the family. Mom had mentioned we would take a little trip somewhere but I never thought in a million years we would go to New York. Little did we know, it was the plan along. I picked from a bowl of “vacation suggestions” and surprise surprise, it was New York! (side note: that was the only option in the bowl ;) ) New York holds a special place in my heart. Ever since first visiting years ago, I have been hooked. I love everything about it. I love watching the millions of people rushing to work, the different restaurants on every corner, the lights and signs, even the hot and humid air in the subway. I’ve been a lot of places, but nothing has quite captured my heart like New York.

One of my hidden talents that many people may not be aware of is travel planning. It is kind of an unspoken rule in my family that I am in charge of planning what we do on trips, and I never fail to satisfy everyones requests! My main priorities are some kind of educational experience, outdoor activities, and of course, food :) I will assure you we did plenty of these three things but I’ll spare you the details and highlight the important part: FOOOOOOOOD!

Thursday: JUNE 16

Chelsea Market

Without fail, every single time we visit this city we make a stop at Chelsea Market. Why?! Because it is a magical food emporium. Need I say more? Coming right off the plane, we were starved so we decided to eat here after browsing!




***Ate at a place called Friedman’s where most everything is or can be prepared gluten free! On the right— fish tacos with a jalapeno lime slaw + sriracha aioli (A+++)***


(PSA) ATTENTION EVERYONE: There is an EATALY in NYC! I repeat: EATALY is in NYC!


For those of you who aren’t from Chicago or NYC, Eataly is an italian foodie paradise— I wish I could bring it with me for everyone to experience because it is truly that amazing. If you’ve been to the one in Chicago, this one is a little different. Everything is on one floor–it seems smaller until you explore and realize they have a lot of different things. We sat here for an hour or so and drank our fancy coffee drinks before heading off to explore!

Just when you thought we were done eating…we are heading to dinner :)

The Meatball Shop


Another Bauer favorite– We always make a stop here! charming little place in greenwich village where the menu consists of (meat) BALLS! naked (meat) balls, spaghetti and (meat) balls, (meat) balls sandwich, and (meat) balls over greens! Sorry the lighting is so bad– this is my sisters meal (spaghetti and meatballs) ;)

Friday: JUNE 17

Hu Kitchen

This is the day my life changed. I was introduced to Hu Kitchen: all paleo allergy friendly cafe type thing. Thinking of this place gives me chills. I had heard many things about this place but nothing quite compared to seeing it in person and realizing it was everything I wanted it to be + more. Look out, Chef KABKITCHEN will (hopefully) be opening up something quite similar in later years :)

“it’s time to get back to the way humans ate before industry ruined food.” PREACH!


IMG_2211.JPG IMG_2209.JPG

***L-R: Claire and I in front of Hu Kitchen, deli section, paleo dark chocolate espresso muffin, buffalo chicken flatbread w/ a side of spicy broccoli***

Saturday: June 18

Baked by Melissa

So, we had to do the obligatory Times Square visit. BUT not without a good reason…. gluten free cupcakes!! Baked by Melissa has the cutest little cupcakes and macaroons and there is only one location that is strictly #glutenfree so we had to scope it out. Plus they are so tiny, can you even say you are eating a cupcake? ;) So high maintenance.



***L–R: maple bacon, cookie dough, birthday cake, marshmallow, peanut butter chocolate, and dark chocolate ***

Dean & Deluca

Need i say more?? This place is so fabulous. Essentially an upscale grocery store with incredible coffee and my favorite sweet treat in the world. ( Cappuccino Almonds )



Gotham West Market

Discovered this place while I was travel planning and it seemed to me to be just a Chelsea Market in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. Man, I was wrong. This place was something else! Basically a big food court of trendy places with A+ food…featuring the one and only sushi “burrito” and the best ice cream i’ve ever had,  pretty cool if you ask me.





** Uma Temakeria: sushi burrito, Choza: chorizo, carnitas, barbacoa tacos, Ample Hills Creamery: peppermint pattie**

Sunday: June 19

Our last full day in the city was sunday :( We spent it in my favorite area in NYC: Soho  I absolutely love walking around over there. It is beautiful and full of life. Definitely the highlight of this day was finding the magnum bar pop up store. Only open this summer in the city, it is essentially a customized ice cream bar shop where you can make your own! The place was so aesthetically pleasing…. with different backdrops around the store (like the one below) where you could take the best Instagram photo with your $7 ice cream bar. Welcome to the 21st century.



La Colombe

After trying the coffee at a nutrition conference last year, I have been obsessed. Their pure black coffee blend is everything I could ever want in a plastic cup. It is by far the smoothest tasting coffee I’ve ever had. AND they ARE IN CHICAGO. But everything tastes better in New York ;)


Hampton Chutney Co.

I. LOVE. INDIAN. FOOD. I love it even more when it’s gluten free, spicy, and looks like this. *** Gluten Free Dosa with spiced potatoes, jack cheese, spinach, and roasted tomatoes w/ a side of curry chutney *** 10/10 would recommend.



Monday: June 20

Peace out NY, Back to Chicago! It has been real. My palate and soul thank you.




I’m sure after reading this you all are wondering if we did anything but eat the entire city of New York, the answer is not really but thats the way we choose to do things :)

Already looking forward to the next trip to this one of a kind city!







2 thoughts on “TRAVEL EATS: NYC

  1. Great post! Of course , someone paid for this trip – I’m sure that was just a oversight…

    Jeff Bauer Sent from my iPhone



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