Let me start this by saying, this trip was never supposed to happen! Yes, of course we wanted it to–but never in a million years did I think we would be road tripping 11 hours to New Orleans!! Man, was it worth it or what!! Personally, I have wanted to go to New Orleans for years now but the family wasn’t really into it, probably because they would rather be at a  five star restaurant than exploring the craziness that is bourbon street ;)(Understandable, kinda) I brought up the idea to my friends as a possible spring break trip— so over the nasty panama city beach/florida vibe, I wanted to go somewhere where we could do something other than destroy our livers. Being the grandma of the group, only two of my good friends were 21 at the time…so the three of us planned the trip and made the trek!! ***Side note: if you’re planning a trip, don’t forget to check Groupon! We gotta really good price on a nice hotel)

Correct me if I’m wrong but—I don’t think I have to tell you guys how much I love and appreciate food, yeah? Well what better place to be than New Orleans?! Amazing chefs, incredible cajun/creole food, and an even better vibrant atmosphere! Really, who even needs the beach?? ;) Our trip started by making that 11 hour drive…long, but not really too bad considering I am used to long road trips. Made a few stops along the way : one of those being a random gas station with a giant chicken in front of it and the other, University of Alabama…beautiful campus, but Go Cats!

We arrived Sunday night, with empty stomachs, just in time for dinner :)

**The following are only the food highlights of the trip/each day–as it would be a million page novel if i listed everything we did!**


I mean how are you going to go to NOLA and NOT get some kind of seafood?? Specifically oysters?? Consistently rated one of the best oyster houses in New Orleans (and there are A LOT), ACME is the place to go! Waited in line for a good forty minutes, but definitely worth it. Just coming back from Bourbon street, we were starving! We ordered a dozen raw oysters, dozen grilled, some fries, and oyster shots (vodka + oyster + bloody mary mix)


*** Ended up getting an extra half dozen raw for FREE because he didn’t want to serve another table… LOL The guy on the right was our “oyster shucker” apparently been doing this forty years, shucked oysters at the Oscars! He gave us his business card, so you know he’s a big deal***


Recommended by my brother, I knew it would be good. This place is the definition of a dive–doesn’t look like much but extremely delicious! Super laid back vibe, definitely a must go!


*** L–R: Rabbit&Sausage Jambalaya & Seafood Crawfish Gumbo***


Touristy, probably? But how do you go to New Orleans without going to Cafe Du Monde?? This place was exactly how I pictured it, a little old looking, long a$$ line, but so freaking cool!! Yes, I had a beignet….stupid decision? Yes, I was sick the whole rest of the day. For the first hour it sat in my stomach, I loved every bit of it until the aftermath hit and I was cursing that place.  #glutenfreeprobs **Don’t forget about the chicory coffee– just as good as the donuts, if not better**




Breakfast is the best meal. No questions asked. Being in NOLA, I insisted we went out to breakfast at least once (we brought a lot of food with us) Being the yelp connoisseur that I am, I found the Ruby Slipper! *One of the best mimosas I’ve ever had, not that it’s some kind of rocket science, just a little heavy on the champagne in the best way ;)*


***Just looking at this meal makes me hungry– Migas: scrambled eggs, tortilla chips, chipotle crema, avocado, grits, and salsa w/ mimosa***



Apparently, according to the menu, one of the oldest restaurants in New Orleans–dating back to the 1800’s. (Everything is super old there though, so who knows) This place was great, super loud, and super cool decor–we even got a free appetizer (that I couldn’t eat…YAY)


**L–R: Free gluten appetizer: Seafood Pistolles, Shrimp&Grits, Crawfish Gumbo**



The House of Blues is a really cool place hidden in an alley along Decatur street! The building is full of flavor, in classic New Orleans fashion–and they even have a “voodoo garden” which is essentially just an outdoor seating area with pretty lights! We originally came here thinking we’d hear some music (duh)  but we came on the one day they didn’t have an event going on (wahhhhhh) We ended up staying anyway because we were hungry// the food was nothing special but the place is super cool! Definitely go when there is live music or an event going on :)





**Seafood Gumbo, Buffalo Wings, Pork Tacos**


.I think it would be safe to say and I’ll speak for my girls as well, that this was hands down the best part of the trip! My friend Eva has some (AWESOME) cousins that live in New Orleans so we had the opportunity to live it up like locals ;) which obviously includes a crawfish boil (one of the five food groups) Being from the north, this was quite the new concept for me as I’ve never had crawfish before, nor have I participated in a “boil” which apparently is some kind of social gathering where we watch the crawfish boil in a giant pot with a bunch of veggies. We were all geeking out over this activity and felt “so local” participating ;)


**L-R: pre crawfish boil (playing with the live crawfish) post crawfish boil (ready to eat)**


**How amazing does this look?! Ready to eat crawfish with plenty of veggies and other goodies// corn, potatoes, onions, garlic complete with a glass of red!**

ANDDDDD that concludes the trip, well, all I am willing to share at least ;)

Other notable places: 

Frenchman street, Willies Chicken Shack (lol giant hurricanes), WW2 Museum, Voodoo Museum, Lafitte’s Old Absinthe House, Pat O’s, Lafayette Cemetery, Garden District, Congo Square, Royal Street, Ghost/Haunted Tours, St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, French Market

We had the BEST time and I would go back in a heartbeat// still looking for that summer home in the french quarter ;)


Until next time,



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