10 GLUTEN FREE products I LOVE!

Hey Friends! Hope you’ve had a fabulous 3 months since I last updated you. Yes, I went MIA again. A LOT has happened since December, We all went to SC for Christmas this year which was weird, but super fun! Something to get used to. I went home for a bit in January to have some much needed relaxing time, hanging with fam, and catching up with old friends. February came and went–sooooo fast. School has really been picking up and things are getting much more stressful as graduation is (sorta) approaching! It is now March, and I am beyond thrilled to announce I will be starting CULINARY SCHOOL at the end of the month. It is still unbelievably surreal to me, as this has been a dream of mine for years now. I will be starting part time as I am still full time at UK, and will be doing full time culinary in the summer. (YAY) And that about brings us to the present day, March 9th!

On another note, two of my friends and I will be headed to NOLA for spring break and i am SO EXCITED. (HELLO, can you say amazing food, drinks, and fun?!!?) Have no fear, the trip will be documented and i will definitely be posting one of my travel blogs to talk all about what I did and most importantly, what i ate :) Look out for that!


On to the #glutenfree FUN, here are a list of 10 products that I have been currently enjoying… Gluten free or not, you can definitely enjoy these products!!




Actually, these were purchased quite recently while I was home in Chicago at a local health foods store. My oh my, if you have a sweet tooth or salty craving…these are for you! They combine both sensations of savory and sweet—honestly, they are perfect for people like me who cant make up their mind on what they want to eat ;)




You know that brand that makes the famous pretzel slims?! Yeah, they have a #glutenfree version now and I must say they are my favorite regular pretzels. They are free of that nasty cardboard crunch and texture that often comes with GF pretzels—perfect size and flavor.




First off, I gotta say i LOVE LOVE LOVE Applegate naturals brand. They make awesome bacon, deli meat, turkey bacon, and now breakfast sausages! These are so quick and easy on the go—already cooked, simply heat up on a skillet with some olive oil and they are good to go!




Honestly, Pamela’s is probably my favorite gluten free brand. I literally cannot get enough of her products. You wouldn’t even know they are all gluten free! I’ve made these brownies for people without a gluten allergy and they had NO idea, they are that good i’m telling you!! ( It was also funny to see their reaction when I took a bite and told them they were gluten free ;) )




You all know I am a devout trader joe’s follower, BUT this pancake mix takes the cake!! And it is so versatile– I have used it for so many different things including cakes, cupcakes, muffins, bars, and of course, pancakes. I swear by this mix and will continue to use it forever and ever. You go, Pamela!




Glutino is another brand I LOVE LOVE LOVE. However, they do have some products that I am not the biggest fan of ( and are really expensive )–most of them are a hit! These table crackers are so tasty– I put so many different things on them..almond butter, peanut butter, smoked salmon, hummus, or just plain. Such a great item to have on hand!




Mmmmmm, so many good thoughts when I see these! Recently, these have become one of my favorites– a staple when I need a sweet treat. I don’t know why, but I just love wafer cookies. These have such an awesome texture and addicting taste, love them so much!




UGH, I love this so much. It is another one of those products that you would never know are #glutenfree. This was used as my sandwich bread for soooo long, until I got sick of sandwiches ;) It is delicious cold, but definitely the best way to eat it is heated up in the panini press. LOVE!



Tried this bad boy yesterday for the first time—all thanks to the recommendation of my fellow gluten free foodie bestie, Morgan (@gfmealsbymorgan ) love you! It is so tasty, I really love white cheddar and this definitely hit the spot. I love the consistency and texture of rice pasta already–so this was just an added bonus. Plus, it is so fast…literally took 5 minutes!




These are definitely a special treat I only get on occasion when I go to whole foods! Super pricey, but they are made with stellar ingredients so it is definitely worth it if you are ever in whole foods. They come in all different flavors ( hint: they all taste good ;) ) I use these a lot of the time for breakfast or an after workout snack as they are extremely filling and delicious!!


Hope you all enjoyed this list && much needed update from me! Look out for my NOLA blog, can’t wait to share with you all the yummy things I try!!







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