TRAVEL EATS: The Maine Attraction

I’m not even going to waste my breath and your time about how I am the worst blogger ever!! (Can’t believe I’ve put this off for five months, who am i ?!) Anyway, I know you all are dying to hear about my summer…. lol it was pretty much your average summer, I stayed in Lexington and worked a lot and took summer school (yuck) sadly, I wasn’t able to come home to Chicago with the exception of a tiny AWESOME weekend in August. Luckily, my parents had just settled on a condo in South Carolina so they pass through to see little ol me on their way :) August is sorta when all the “excitement” happened. On the first of the month, I moved out of my old place into a new apartment…ALL ON THE SAME DAY….just picture me driving a giant ass U-haul back and forth all throughout Lexington. Let’s just say, it wasn’t the highlight of my life. BUT what ended up being the highlight of my summer happened shortly after. In celebration of my dad selling his company, the whole family took a vacation to MAINE! (and when I say whole family, I mean there were just 8 of us)

I was naturally hyped when I heard we were going there because I’m OBSESSED with the east coast and plan to make my way that direction after school (sorry mom, maybe i’ll have a summer home in greenvile ;)

Maine is an awesome place, not only for the obvious beautiful scenery, but the food is bomb, talk about a foodies paradise! Hope you enjoy this virtual (eating) tour of just a snippet of Maine ;)

First day was obviously just a day of travel…I think the flight was three hours?? We flew in from Chicago—>Boston and then another hour or so to our destination in Maine on the coast.

IMG_3410 IMG_3420

^^Beautiful O’Hare airport (one of the best airports in the US, or maybe I’m biased) Dad was awesome and upgraded us to first class so naturally, I had a mimosa while my unfortunate underage sister had a ginger ale…bummer, right? Anyway, CHEERS! >>>Notice the box of crayons next to my alcoholic drink, kinda ironic, huh? Still a child at heart over here! We colored the whole way there hehe

Kennebunkport, ME

IMG_3624 IMG_3458 IMG_3455

We stayed in Kennebunkport which is a beautiful little town right on the ocean. Words and pictures can’t even come close to how gorgeous it truly was! Top left photo is a POV from the kayak. I took up early morning kayaking while I was there and looked forward to the peaceful “me” time every morning (also the sky was doing something really pretty so naturally I had to capture it) (and yes, I brought my $700 dollar iPhone on the kayak…you don’t have to tell me I’m an idiot) Top right is our BEAUTIFUL HOUSE, like literally it was just perfect. that’s all I have to say. Bottom pic is our view from the backyard, basically straight up ocean.

Nunan’s Lobster Hut

IMG_3601 IMG_3605

Here we all are acting casual anxiously awaiting our meal…LOBSTER! Because can you even say you went to Maine if you don’t eat lobster?! Absolutely not! This place was the coolest little hole in the wall full of charm. While I will admit I am no lobster connoisseur, it was soooo tasty and hilarious to watch everyone use their tools to demolish the lobster.

Whale Watching—> Clam Shack

IMG_3913 IMG_3919

SoOoOo, I will admit the first thing that came to my mind when I heard we were going to Maine was whale watching, duh. If you know anything about me, I’m a huge advocate for ending #seaslavery down with seaworld!! So seeing any kind of animal, whether it be oceanic or land, in the wild where they belong is the best thing ever. We saw two whale sharks, two sharks, and went an hour or so out of the way to search for a humpback that we didn’t end up finding (sad face) Afterwards, we headed to the famous clam shack, and what do I get? Crab…without the bun… (ugh, gluten holds me back) A++ experience that I will never forget!

Portland, ME

We kinda traveled on a whim to Portland(Not Oregon), it wasn’t exactly in the schedule, but aren’t those often the best ideas?? Let me say, It was the BEST decision…such a foodie city!!

Here are just a few of the Maine eats (see what I did there??):

Central Provisions: delicious, fresh, and trendy. All of us ended up getting fish, obviously. And the presentation was extremely gram worthy. @kabkitchen

IMG_3959 IMG_3966 IMG_3969 IMG_3971 (1)

The Holy Donut

this place was….WOW! listed on the top 10 best donut shops in the country, it is definitely a must go! They use a unique recipe that involves potatoes, which I think is the coolest thing ever…and #glutenfreefoodies all over the world will rejoice at the selection. If loving donuts is wrong, I don’t want to be right…


(Chocolate Glazed & Cinnamon Sugar)

Bam Bam Bakery


Talk about #glutenfreeparadise>>> I can’t complete this post without talking about Bam Bam Bakery. It is a certified and dedicated gluten free bakery which means EVERY SINGLE THING they sell is gluten free. From pizza to cakes to cookies, everything was so tasty. My mom and I definitely got our fix here ;)

^^^ These are just a few highlights of the awesome places we ate! While we did eat at some spectacular places, sometimes the best meals are found at home surrounded by family (the ocean certainly doesn’t hurt either)

IMG_3467 IMG_3826 IMG_3935IMG_3470

Maine will always hold a special place in my heart: the food, the ocean, and my fabulous family!!! Cheers to an awesome vacation, here’s to many more :)

Stay tuned for more posts!!!

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