My favorite things (continued)

SORRY!! I know what you’re thinking…Kelsey why didn’t you post on thursday?! I know I know, I totally spaced and forgot all about it. (Blame it on the ADD) But for real, I don’t think I have been this busy in a very long time. With midterms and preparing for a musical, I haven’t had sufficient time for kabkitchen :( BUT have no fear, I did make it to Traders (shocker) so I thought I’d do a take two on “my favorite things” Once I get my s**t together, I will continue with recipes ;)

IMG_1491 IMG_1499 IMG_1501 IMG_1502 (1)

Canyon Bake House: GF bread

Ohhh my, I have an endless amount of good things to say about Canyon Bakehouse. Their products are perfection for those looking to do without gluten. If ya didn’t know, gluten is the binder that holds things together. Sooo you can only imagine how terrible bread without gluten is??? Canyon kills it with their bread and somehow manages to make it firm and appetizing! (P.S. this is actually found at Target/Whole Foods)

Chardonnay and Apple Sausage

I’ve gotta be real, I’ve literally tried every single kind of TJ’s chicken sausage…AND I’ve landed on a favorite. The sweetness of the apples with just a hint of wine is the perfect compliment to the chicken sausage! Perfect with that classic egg scramble, that we all know I love so much :)

Organic Red Pepper & Tomato Soup

Next to the Black Bean Soup… This is my all time fave! Perfect on its own, with polenta, or a #glutenfree sandwich. Highly Recommend!! Perfectly filling too, btw

Organic Hot Coco Mix

I’m in love with the coco….but really, I am. This hot chocolate has very respectable ingredients for all my nutrition nerds out there. I’m talking realllllll chocolate! Also, I am one of those weird people that hates milk so I prefer my hot chocolate with water…and guess what?? It still has that perfectly desirable creamy taste! Perfect for right before bed or on a cold winter day :)

More to come Tuesday!! As always, GO CATS as we take on Notre Dame tonight in the Elite 8!!! #bbn



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