TRAVEL EATS: Home Sweet Chicago!

Hiii Everyone, I’m back!! (And feeling a lot better) It is actually a tradition/running joke in my family that every time we go on vacation, I end up getting sick. It basically has happened, every time, without fail. When I used to eat really poorly, my immune system was crap so I would get sick all the time. Now that I’ve changed my eating habits….Well,I still get sick!! It’s like my body is cursing me for eating terribly for so many years.

For SB, my family and I went to Greenville SC! And while I was quarantined in the hotel room for most of the trip; I must say it was a beautiful place. Filled with good food, shops, and outdoorsy vibes (Bauer family essentials) Unfortunately, by the time I felt better, It was time to leave :(

Can’t complain though, because I just happen to live a quick train ride away from the 2nd greatest city in the world (Sorry Chicago, but have you been to NYC?!?) When my family goes to the city, we usually end up doing the same thing each time. First, my mom and I hit up @doritedonuts because they literally have the most amazing #glutenfree doughnuts that satisfy the foodie in me. Next, we have EATALY….which if you don’t live in Chicago or NYC, i’m sad to inform you that you are majorly missing out. Eataly is an italian emporium created by the one and only, Mario Batali. They have everything to satisfy a foodies heart of gold. First level features a pastry bar, gelato, freshly made paninis, coffee bar…AND a nutella bar ;) Not sold yet? The whole second floor is a plethora of different restaurants and a huge wine bar. Basically….this is my heaven.

And of course, Kentucky was playing Cincinnati so we had to go to Public House to watch the Wildcats destroy the Bearcats!!! Β (Sweet Sixteen baby!!) #bbn


^^One of the many eateries at Eataly….it was packed, per usual!

IMG_1462 IMG_1460

^^ My dish: Lentil&Kale Soup Mom: Salmon/Grapefruit

IMG_1470 IMG_1469

^^^Neve Sulla Lava (left): italain hot coco + espresso +topped with whipped cream;; Espresso Con Panna (right): espresso + whipped cream (AMAZING)


^^^ Me outside @doritedonuts posing in a donut LOL (Cinnamon Sugar GF donut for the win);; Kentucky basketball for the real win though (right) GO CATS!!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my “road trip” series! Back to recipes Thursday :)



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