TRAVEL EATS: Greenville SC!

Heyy Kab Kitchen followers!   Kab Kitch mom here, filling in for a very sick Kab Kitchen. (She’s on the mend…so no worries!)  Actually, I’m probably more like her partner in crime since we are such kindred foodies; and yes, that often spells trouble!  So here goes….reviewing our recent food trip to South Carolina! Don’t worry…no segments from “As the Stomach churns”!

Greenville, South Carolina is a must go for foodies. They have so many options in the downtown area…where to start?!  Well, we started at Spill the Beans, for a wonderful cup of java.  Insider tip:  Take your cup outside for a stroll in the Reedy Falls Park down below.  Simply beautiful!  Next stop, hit Rick’s Deli for a salad and sandwich…and while you’re in the area, why not hit up the west end of the shopping district for some fab one of a kind items.   After power shopping, you probably could use a pick me up?  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Try the Lazy Goat for a glass of vino outside by the river.  You get a great view of the city and a fine glass of whatever works for you.  I ask you:  what really could be better?   Ah, Refreshed?… head into the heart of downtown and you will find a plethora of restaurants and shops….oh and I almost forgot, if you follow a healthy lifestyle like most Kab Kitchen followers, you cannot miss the Lulemon across from the Goat.  (Wow…shouldn’t have gone in there…if you know what I mean!!!)  Where to for dinner? Oh my I knew it would come to this sooner than later and there were just too many choices…..compounded by the fact that I didn’t have any reservations and it was a balmy 80 degree evening—two factors that would, however, decide it for me.  I had to sit outside and there had to be availability.  Soby’s it is!  I was not disappointed!!  Pre-sick Kab had shrimp and grits…I had scallops.  So good!  But wait for it….the desserts were perhaps even better.  Ever had a fine pavlova?  If not, you’ll find it here.  Crusty, creamy>>>pavlova lovers, you know what I’m talking about here.  Kab had the creme brulee…it was a stunner.

The day is fast coming to a close but I’m not yet ready to call it a day.  The sun is down and all of the trees are sparkling with little white lights all along main street downtown….breathtaking!  I’ve seen many a downtown area; and trust me, Greenville is one of the cleanest and most aesthetically pleasing.  It does not disappoint.  Such a wonderful experience today, maybe a night cap to finish it off is in order…so slipped into Sip!  You take the elevator up one floor and it opens to a wine emporium!  Wines available for dispensing via self-serve …wow!  You decide what and how much…no waiting for a bartender here.  I like that idea, don’t you?  Around the corner, they have a terrace on the roof top that is filled with sofas and lounge chairs and more lights.  Kab kitch would’ve loved it!  This is an experience I can highly recommend.  Finally…time to call it a night.  All in all, a great day in SC!  Thanks for coming along.   Kab will be returning Tuesday…it’s been fun filling in!  Happy eats where ever you are! :)

IMG_1423 IMG_1419 IMG_1418 IMG_1404 IMG_1402IMG_1429



The Kitchie Mom

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